Duck Bay Development

Design: 2012-2013
Area: 15,000 m2

The Duck Bay Development is located along the central axis of NanChang Historical street, bordered by NanChang Road to the East, a canal to the West and historical residencies to the North and South, a location redolent with the unique flavors of the Jiangnan water town. The plan calls for an organic blending of theater, commercial and open public spaces as well as integrating the traditional elements of Wu Xi’s canals, plazas and grey roofing tiles, a coupling of the contemporary and the traditional.

The plan retains alleyways on both sides of the development while bringing in new retail functions. Visitors can enjoy the traditional pedestrian paths while shopping. Open spaces are connected to bring visual and physical hierarchy. The overall choice for building material is based on the traditional Wuxi palette: white walls, gray bricks and glass storefronts, as contextual to surrounding Chinese style buildings and brick western buildings. The buildings are mainly three stories with cinema and retail on the first and second floor. The basement floor has parking and mechanical functions. The total building area amounts to 15,000 square meters.

The Duck Bay Development site sits between two canals. This unique location requires a unique solution to connect retail of the surrounding area; rejecting the contemporary model of the mall for a more traditionally-rooted plan, the development meshes seamlessly into the QingMing Bridge Historical District.