LX pavilion

Design 2015-2018
Construction 2018 - 2019

LX pavilion is located on a private estate in Bedford, New York. It is a single stand-alone pavilion designed to house the installation of a sculpture from one of the foremost artist/sculptor working today. The sculpture consists of two identical steel plates, each measuring 40 feet long, 7 feet high and 2-1/2 inch thick. The upper plate bears upon the top edge of the other to form a cross in plan.

The Shou-Sugi-Ban charred timber rainscreen contains the custom purpose built gallery supporting the sculpture. The roof of the pavilion is to be a saw-tooth skylight, with double glazed lites facing north, separated by angled light diffusing, insulated roof panels minimizing direct sunlight inside, providing optimal indirecting light of the sulpture. The interior environment condition is controlled by passive and active mechanical systems to prevent condensation on the metal surface as well as mitigating the expansion and contraction of the sulpture plates.