Tencent Shanghai

Design 2017-2018
Construction 2018

Tencent, the internet services conglomerate has quickly become one of the world’s most valuable companies. With this newfound stature the founders, all in their early 50’s, longed for a more cultured and mature identity and design in their buildings and campuses befitting one of the top 5 most valuable brands in the world following, Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

Tencent is a technology services company with a cadre of engineers and designers whose average age is 27. The founders have always made the comfort and happiness of their employees, who are the driving force behind their meteoric rise, a company priority. Having tried open offices to negative blowback from their young staff, OLI was tasked to design new office interiors for their cloud computing division blending the positive elements of collaborative open spaces while giving individuals a sense of personal space.

Simple, natural and clean were key principles that were initially established to counter the “cute” character iconography and multi-colored interiors of Tencent’s current offices. With the goal of eliminating traditional room and cubicle partitions/barriers, OLI proposed staggered long linear communal tables throughout an open floor plan to promote a culture of interaction. In order to provide local spatial “groups” or “neighbors” and some filter for varying levels of privacy, strategic cutouts were designed into the communal tables to place broad leaf plants. In addition, floor to ceiling storage units were staggered throughout the communal tables to create eddy’s and localized zones.

As the five floors of offices were similar in floor plate, a complementary monotone color scheme was chosen for each individual floor with custom formulated broadcast large-aggregate cast-in-place terrazzo with flowing curvilinear brass dividers. Upon construction completion, the 9,000m2 renovation became a prototype office for Tencent’s expanding future needs.